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Kim Kardashian’s Gift to Bridesmaids on Her Wedding Day

If you were Kim Kardashian’s bridesmaid on her wedding day, you would have been a lucky gal. Not only would you be given the chance to walk down the aisle of a glamorous wedding, but you would also be given a customized Judith Leiber clutch as a thank you gift from Kimmy K herself. The clutches all have the initials of Kim’s bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law emblazoned on them.

Kim Kardashian

As for Kim, she wasn’t lacking in the gift department herself. Judith Leiber designed a handbag in the style of Kim’s wedding cake that was filled with black and pearl detailing. Being a devout fan of Judith Leiber since she was a little girl, it’s no wonder Kim chose this luxury designer to make gifts for those closest to her.

Kim Kardashian

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How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag

Picture this… You’re out in the streets of New York. This is your first trip here and you want to make the most of it. Considering yourself to be a fashionista, you’ve decided to shop at the most exclusive stores in New York. But as it turns out, the budget is going way overboard and you have few more days to go. What now? You’ve been wanting a designer handbag ever since you were in high school. And now that you’re here, you cannot leave without purchasing one. As you’re walking down the street, you come across a handbags and purses wholesale stall, and a guy yelling, claiming he has Dolce & Gabana, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, and Coach bags. You can’t resist this offer as the prices are so, so low. But does that mean they are fake or are the originals so cheap in New York? You’re skeptical over its authenticity and wondering if you knew how to spot a fake Coach bag.

Sounds familiar? You don’t need to be in New York or any other major cities to be caught in a similar situation. There have been instances where, one time or another, we’ve been meaning to get a designer handbag but the original prices are so unbelievable that even the dream of owning one seems unreal. So what do you do when you have absolutely no idea how to identify a fake Coach bag? Well, that’s easy; read the following article, that’s what.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag – Tip #1

Coach bags and purses have a signature fabric with the “C” pattern. They are mainly crooked, excluding certain patterns. This patterns will be lined up, beginning from the middle of the front panel on the bag. The back panel of the bag will also have similar pattern. The Coach bags and purses have a straight center seam that runs down the middle of this pattern, which then aligns in a vertical and horizontal lines as well. So when you look at the bag, you will see 1 horizontal “CC” print and then 1 vertical “CC” print. The front and back pocket patterns will match as well; this means, it’s a mirror image. The pattern should not seem as if there has been a break in the middle or a new “C” pattern emerges from some other place. One way to be sure is to check the pictures of Coach bags before you shop for one.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag – Tip #2

The clasp on the original Coach bag will have an imprint of the brand name. So if you find a bag or a purse that doesn’t say “Coach” on it, then mind you, it’s going to be a fake. Many people miss this part as they are more engrossed in looking at the pattern and the “CC” prints. But a great technique to spot these cheap designer handbags is a simple imprint mark of the brand’s name.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag – Tip #3

When you buy a Coach bag, you will get a dust bag along with it. If you are making a purchase online, then you may or may not get a dust bag along with the Coach bag. However, if it’s an accessory store and you do get the dust bag, make sure that it’s brown or tan in color. Also, there should be a red stitch on it as well and the “Coach” logo stamp.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag – Tip #4

When you want to detect a fake Coach bag, along with checking for the “C” pattern, see if the “C” actually does appear like the letter “C” and not “G” or “O”. This is a common way to spot a fake Coach purse. Think about it for a second. If the brand’s name is Coach, then how can the bag have a “GG” or “OO” print on it? A very obvious way to spot a fake.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag – Tip #5

Now, let’s go over some minute details.
Pay close attention to the stitching. The fake Coach purses will have cheap threads that may be pulled out from some places and may not look sturdy.
When you open the bag, inside there should be a square-shaped leather panel. On it, there will be a Coach creed which reads – This is a Coach Bag. It was handcrafted in China from the finest materials trimmed with genuine leather. Its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail reflect our commitment to enduring quality. If this creed is missing, then it’s a dead giveaway.
Also, the leather on which this creed is present will be pressed on and the panel will be stitched. If the creed isn’t pressed on the leather and panel is glued in, then the bag is a fake.

When you come to think of it, there are many minute things which you can keep in mind while shopping for a Coach bag or any other designer handbag. While purchasing designer handbags for less, there’s always a concern of getting ripped-off and getting stuck with a fake bag or purse. To save yourself from being cheated, you need to be an expert at spotting a fake Coach bag. So you have this article on how to spot a fake Coach bag to guide you, I’m sure you’re not going to make a mistake in selecting the original (unless, you want a fake).

Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Handbag

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Louis Vuitton bags, the name is enough to make you sigh in awe. Louis Vuitton traveler’s bags as well as handbags have been creating ripples in the fashion industry since 1854. Over the years the design of the bags have had some constant features appearing. Therefore, many manufactures have taken advantage of this and circulated fake Louis Vuitton bags in the market. Yet, the constant features will help you spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag from an authentic one. If you are wondering how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag, then read on.

Spotting a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

The market for fake designer items is worth about $450 billion dollars. This means, there are people who have managed to create replica handbags of the originals. These replicas are identical to the authentic items that about 80% of the costumers are fooled or tricked into buying the fakes for the price of the authentic items. One of the most widely circulated counterfeit fashion items is the Louis Vuitton bag. It is important that one learns to identify a fake Louis Vuitton bag, as the originals cost a bomb (or a nuclear bomb, per se). So, are you interested in spotting a fake Louis Vuitton bag, especially if someone is offering you a classic piece at an unbelievably low price? Let us see how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag in detail.

How to Tell if Your Louis Vuitton is Fake

Everyone loves to own a designer handbag like Louis Vuitton. It is a matter of pride for the owner and envy for the others who don’t own one. As the prices are really, really exorbitant, it is not possible for anyone and everyone to own an authentic Louis Vuitton. So, how can you spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag and know if your over smart friend is just bragging about a fake? Do you want to learn how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag and find out if the gift you received from your distant cousin in Paris is authentic? I am sure you do, so I will get down to the details without taking much of your time.


The first thing I have rattled about is the price. The prices are sky-high of an original Louis Vuitton and if you get a bag at too good to be true prices, it’s a fake. You can go through cheap designer knock off handbags for more information.


An important characteristic of Louis Vuitton bags is the stitching. Louis Vuitton bags are stitched perfectly and will never open up for years. There are no loose threads and no misplaced stitches.


The interiors of authentic Louis Vuitton bags are lined with red or honey colored canvas. The interiors are made of micro monogram textile, microfiber suede, cross grain leather or tone on tone polyester. If your bag is lined with cheap tan or brown suede or even plastic, it is a fake.

Metal Hardware

The metal hardware of the original Louis Vuitton bags is made of brass or gold metal. The zippers are imprinted with the letters ‘LV’. If you find gold-plated plastic or metal and the zippers do not have the ‘LV” log imprinted on them, you are spotting a fake Louis Vuitton bag.


One important cliché to identify a fake Louis Vuitton bag is the monogram. The original Louis Vuitton bag monograms are carefully placed. They are symmetrical from all sides and have clearly printed gold letters with brown line passing through ‘LV”. They are not solid colored, smudged, cutouts or have a greenish tint. They are neatly threaded, thin and accurately placed on the bag. In some original Louis Vuitton bags, the logo is placed upside down on one side. A fake bag will have both the logos both sides placed upright.

Handles and Hardware

Most of the Louis Vuitton bags have handles made from genuine rolled cowhide. If your bag comes with handles wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap it is a fake.


There are no tags attached to the original Louis Vuitton bags. The tags are just placed in the purse or dust bag. So, how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag? The tags attached to the bag are a dead give away it is a fake.


Spotting a fake Louis Vuitton bag is easy if you cannot find the bag design on the website. If you cannot find the style on the Louis Vuitton website, the bag is a complete fake. There are new designs released every season, so make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest styles.

Make Mark

How can you spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag from the ‘Made in’ mark? The authentic Louis Vuitton bags are made in France. However, Louis Vuitton is producing bags in USA, Germany, Italy as well as Spain. If you find a mark like ‘Made in China’ or “Made in Chile’ for example, it is a complete fake. Louis Vuitton bags are not produced anywhere else other than the above mentioned countries, chances are it is a fake designer handbag.

These are a few pointers to identify a fake Louis Vuitton bag. So, how to tell if your Louis Vuitton is a fake? Remember the three basic rules. First, Louis Vuitton does not offer discounts on its bags, second, they do not have any outlets, irregulars or seconds sale. Third, Louis Vuitton bags are not sold in wholesale. And, remember, Louis Vuitton bags are sold only at Louis Vuitton stores, authentic Louis Vuitton website, and by calling 1-866-VUITTON. They are not sold on streets and shady shops. This is a bit about how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag. Hope this information saves you from getting ripped by purchasing a fake Louis Vuitton bag.


Types of Handbags for Women

Some accessories are extremely popular and will probably never lose their charm no matter how much time passes by. They are also known as a woman’s best friend, as they go with her everywhere and carry all the important belongings she needs. Well, you guessed it right, the “handbag” it is! It is one of the most important parts of a woman’s attire. And for most of them it is an obsession to own different types of handbags to suit different occasions and attire. Such bagista’s even have a separate closet assigned for all their purses and handbags!

Now, there are innumerable types of handbags for women, some handbags draw inspiration from other handbags for their design, while some are exclusively different from the rest. Listed below are a few types of handbags commonly used by women and which attire do they match the best. This article will leave a smile on a woman’s face; however, men too must read this article as handbags are one of the most fantastic gift ideas you may want to consider for the woman of your life. Therefore, without much ado, let’s get to know the different types of handbags.

Array of Handbags for Women


Example of Tote Bag

Commonly known as a shopper’s bag. It is popular amongst teens and women who are always on the go. The straps of this bag can be adjusted as per the required length and has an open up top or a zipper closure, making it stylish yet practical at the same time.

Example of Shoulder Bag

It is by far the most popular bag carried by women today. It consists of a single or double strap, long enough to carry over the shoulder. This type of handbag comes in various sizes, shapes and materials to match your attire and convenience.

Example of a Duffle bag

Duffel bags are usually large with a drawstring opening at the top and used for sports or as travel bags. Its name originates from a town in Belgium, named “Duffel”, where the thick cloth used to make this bag was produced. It can accommodate a whole lot of stuff than any other handbag.

Example of Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are those which are usually defined by a crescent shape, which tends to crunch downwards when carried or laid down and is designed to wear over the shoulder. These bags have a roomy compartment with a zip top and are popular for their ease to carry around on any occasion, while still looking stylish.

Example of Satchel Bag

A satchel is quite an organized bag and comes in various sizes and shapes. It is wide, flat at the bottom and comes in with one or sometimes two large straps that goes over one shoulder and across the body. Its pockets and compartments are better organized. It is apt for women who require an elegant yet spacious bag to carry important documents and other essentials on a daily basis.

Example of Backpack Bag

If you thought that the backpack was only for school going kids, you may be wrong. A cute yet stylish backpack can make a style statement. These bags come with double handles that lie across the back while they are supported by the shoulders. Since it sits comfortably on your back you don’t have to make a conscious effort of carrying it everywhere you go; as it invariably goes with you.

Example of Backpack Bag

A clutch seems to be the most popular accessory donned by most women. The credit goes to its size and the grip with which it can be held with ease. It is small but long along its length without a handle. Hence, you have to clutch it in your hands, probably that’s how it derives its name!


Example of Wrislet Bag

A wristlet is a clutch shaped bag with a small strap at its one end (like in the picture above), which allows the one carrying it to attach the strap on to the person’s wrist, that’s how it gets its name. Moreover, you can move freely while the purse stays safe, hung on your wrist.

Example of Saddle Bag

Imagine a bag on a saddle strap, that is exactly what a saddle bag is. Designers draw inspiration from this type of bag for their other handbag designs. Apart from the designer appeal that this handbag dons, it also provides ample pockets for every imaginable accessory.

Example of Barrel Bag

As the name suggests a barrel bag is barrel-shaped, that is, horizontally circular and elongated with a lot of space to carry your belongings. This style of bag usually has a long strap to hang over the shoulders. This kind of bag looks stunning when teamed with casual denim attire.

Example of Cosmetic Bag

Do I really have to say anything about this type of handbag? I mean this type of handbag is every woman’s best friend. A cosmetic bag varies in size, shape and style . However, the basic purpose of it is to hold cosmetics, therefore every compartment is designed in a way that allows you to carry your cosmetics safely without spilling or damaging them.

Example of Beach Bag

Beach bags are these large colorful bags made of cloth, straw, jute, or even a mix of linen and leather. Although these bags are called beach bags, their use is not restricted to the beach, but are also ideal for picnics, the gym, or simply carrying it on a casual attire. They are colorful, stylish and over-sized, which adds a touch of class to your personality when you carry it.

Example of Athletic Bag

As the name suggests an athletic bag is a roomy bag that allows one to keep sports equipment and gym apparel. One can usually sling it across the shoulders or simply carry it like any other handbag.

Example of Muff Bag

A muff bag is a winter bag made of wool, fur, or velvet. It has zippered compartments and openings at the ends, where you can slip in your hands to keep them warm during extremely cold temperatures.


How to Choose a Perfect Handbag

More than a necessity, handbags are a fashion statement these days. Especially women simply can’t leave the house without picking up a handbag. Handbags come in different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. That means, you no longer need to stick to one handbag, but can have different handbags for different outfits. Choosing a good handbag isn’t an easy task. You need to take care of a variety of things while doing that. This article shall act like a guide which you can refer to whenever you want to know how to choose a perfect handbag.

How to Choose a Handbag for Everyday Use

Think of the Things You Want to Stuff Inside
This is one of the most important criterion to choose a perfect handbag. If you hardly have two items to carry, then there is no point carrying a big handbag which will almost be empty. Choose a good hand purse instead in such a situation. If you are about to go to a meeting or so, make sure you choose a handbag that can fit in your files and folders. If you are going for a class or a place where you would hardly stay for a couple of hours, then a handmade handbag will also look good. If you are going shopping, then let the handbag be small to accommodate money, keys and cards, as you’ll have shopping bags to hold later. Hence, the place of visit and the amount of things you want to carry is of a great importance while you are thinking of choosing that perfect handbag.

Consider Your Physicality
Handbags are of a variety of types. Depending upon your physicality, you must choose your pick. If you are a plum-shaped woman, make sure you choose a bag that is just up to your waist. Do not choose the one with long belts which will come near the bottom and make you look unevenly fat. If you are a thin and short lady, you need to pick handbags that are not very big. Otherwise, that will make you look over-stuffed. If you are a tall girl, you are at an advantage. Tall girls can usually carry any sort of a handbag well, as anything looks good on them. Yet, you can choose long leather handbags to enhance your height even more. If you are a plus-size woman, try thinner bags that can accommodate your stuff, but won’t make you look over dressed. Hence, make sure you actually try those handbags out like you try your outfits in a trial room. Look at the way they look on you! Find out if they suit your body structure well. At times, comfort is the main priority. That way, you will come to know how to choose a handbag for everyday use. So trying out those bags shall solve your problem.

The Color of the Handbag and of Your Outfit
This is another factor which carries a lot of importance when it comes to choosing your perfect handbag. Whenever you are about to attend a party, meeting, gathering, or any other function, you tend to take care of the outfit you are going to wear. Similarly, you must also see whether the handbag you have chosen is matching or going well with your dress. If you are wearing a dark-shaded outfit, a black handbag can serve the purpose. On cool colored outfits, you can try and carry handbags that are light and sober. Printed handbags are in fashion these days. But a plain handbag will jell well with a lot of outfits. If you are wearing something ethnic with a lot of mirror or bead work or embroidery, then better choose a handbag that is typically traditional. Handbags that come in red, maroon and yellow shades suit the best with ethnic wear. If you are not really sure of the outfits in your wardrobe, you can simply have neutral colored handbags that usually go well with any dress.

Best Handbags for Everyday Use
If you are willing to buy handbags for everyday use, then the most important thing you need to take care of is the quality of the bags. Handbags that are really cheap when it comes to the price are often of poor quality. Try and choose washable bags if you are going to use them daily. That will keep them clean and maintained. Also, go for leather bags that are very durable and usually come in dark colors. Initially, they will cost you a heavy deal, but will surely remain loyal at least for the next two years or so, and still look new.

Hence, if you are about to buy a new handbag for yourself or a friend, do make it a point to take care of the above mentioned tips, so that you choose the best one. Also, if you are planning to buy a handbag for other women, you have to take into consideration the body type, color, and the outfit. That way, you’ll do justice with your money. So go ahead and choose the perfect one.