Kim Kardashian pairs her first crocodile Birkin with pink Nikes

I’ve been waiting forever for our photo service to catch Kim Kardashian out and about with her new Hermes Crocodile Birkin, and the day has finally come! The agency we use hasn’t been sweating Kim as much as they usually do, so it took us a little longer to get these photos than we would have preferred, but here it is – black, reptilian, outrageously expensive. And…paired with hot pink Nike running shoes?

Yes, Kim has a think for taking her most expensive and lavish bags along with her as gym bags (we’ve seen her do it with Birkins before), but thankfully, she wasn’t headed to work out with a bag that rings up well into the five figures. Instead, our photo service claims that she was heading to a hair-removal salon, which sounds just about right. I’m still confused about one thing, though – how in the world didn’t Kim have a crocodile Birkin before this one? Lord knows she has the cash.




[ Photo Courtesy of purseblog / Article Courtesy of purseblog ]