September 2012

fake LV bag

How to Spot A FAKE LV BAG

Ever bought a ‘branded’ handbag from a fishy online ‘outlet’ which you’ve never heard of before? For all you know, that bag could be FAKE. Imagine strutting down the streets with a lookalike on your arm, oblivious to all the stares those passers-by are throwing you. No, it’s not that gorgeous new outfit you’re wearing, it’s the FAKE bag on your arm. That will totally ruin your new look and put you on the ‘Worst-Dressed-List’ for a year. There is NOTHING cool about wearing a designer bag that’s fake. So, I got our LovethatBag authenticators Sarah( PRADA, GUCCI, BURBERRY, COACH, KATE SPADE AUTHENTICATOR) and Cristalle ( LV, CHANEL, MIU MIU, AND OTHER BRANDS AUTHENTICATOR) to put together a checklist consisting of 4 questions which you can do on your LV bag( Right, you can find loads of LV fakes out there). If your bag fails all these four questions, it’s a BIG HINT that your bag is fake. You better burn them in the dead of the night before anyone finds out. So, read the below checklist.



4 easy steps to identify a FAKE Louis Vuitton BAG:

    1. 1,  If the zippers of the bag are not stamped with the LV logo, the bag is fake. The genuine LV bag is carved with the LV logo(look left)


    1. 2.  The letter ‘O’ stamped on the Louis Vuitton leather tag must be a perfect, round ‘O’. See second picture for example of a real LV bag.


    1. 3.  Stitches on the LV bag must be even. See picture for example of perfect stitches.


    1. 4.  The leather. The leather should look expensive and of high quality. Cheap ‘pleather’ is a big ‘HINT’ that your bag is fake.




All our Louis Vuitton luxury bags sold at our luxury bag sale are 100% Genuine, shipped straight from Louis Vuitton France. They are certified authentic by our LovethatBag Red Authenticity tag.

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Mia and LovethatBag authenticators, Sarah and Cristalle





The Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier is for chic owners and their pets

As I mentioned in a few other posts, I spent the week before last in Florida with my family. My family has a pet that I think the most hilarious dog ever: a massive, 130-pound, year-and-half old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named Troy. Troy weighs as much as many grown women, and when he stands on his back legs, he is as tall as many as well. Despite all that, he thinks he’s a lap dog. If I’m sitting on the ground, he’ll come up and sit his entire body on top of me and bark until I pet him. For this reason, sometimes I think of how hilarious it would be to have a pet carrier large enough for a dog like Troy from a luxury house like Louis Vuitton.

Clearly this will not happen for Troy,
but for the smaller, more portable dogs,
Louis Vuitton has always been the pet carrier of choice.

Louis Vuitton travel items have always been a favorite of celebs and fashion accessory lovers alike, but it seems the pet carrier might be the ultimate go-to. I have seen the fandom for this item ebb and flow a bit over time, but when it comes down to it, people just can’t get enough. As much as a monogram luxury dog carrier might seem a bit obnoxious, there is something I love about the monogram LV print on a pet carrier – maybe it is just because I love pets so much. There are two sizes available, 40 and 50, both via Louis Vuitton stores.