Coach Zippers are stamped with The YKK LOGO- TRUE OR FALSE?


Someone wrote to us inquiring about YKK zippers on Coach Bags- are all Coach bags made with YKK Zips? The answer is – NO .

I got my colleagues Cristalle and Sarah to share with you more about Coach and their zippers for the first edition of Your Questions Answered and they came up with the following text.

All Coach Bags are made with YKK stamped zips? Wrong. It’s just a story sewn by those Fake-Bag Manufacturers, looking to fool those people who do not have their facts right. Think if a Coach has a YKK zip it’s real? Think again. YKK zips can be counterfeited too, how hard is it to make a zip?

Even so, YKK doesn’t give Coach exclusive rights to use their zipper. if you’ve got the $$$, you could place an order for YKK zips too.

Since it was established, Coach has been making bags with different brands of zips. If you’ve got that century old Coach sitting around in your Grandmother’s Chest, it’s zipper is probably made by Talon.( A US based company)

Coach even has bags with plastic zippers- so they could match the exact shade of the color of your bag. Having a Coach bag with a plastic zip does NOT mean it’s fake. It’s also to reduce the weight of your bag- the idea is for you to be able to strut with your bag, not get sores on your back when you’re carrying it. (Check out the Lightweights Line which eventually became the Sohos)

Sometime later Coach introduced YKK, ECLAIR, RIRI, perhaps ZIPLON and DOVE, even an occasional local brand in bags made outside America.

Some Coach bag’s zippers don’t even have the name of the zipper company stamped on them, just a trademark or number on them.

Coach orders zippers from loads of different zipper suppliers, so whatever those misleading guides promoting the YKK zip tells you- for instance, “ The Coach is Real if there’s YKK on the Zip ” is WRONG.

YKK supplies zippers to other Companies too, such as Louis Vuitton, so even YOU could place an order for YKK zips.

Counterfeit Companies could even counterfeit YKK zips. News to you? Just think how hard is it to make a zip?

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Hope you found this info useful!

Ken Douglas, and the LovethatBag Authenticators, Cristalle and Sarah