Katy Perry Rocks Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag CC

Chanel bags have always been in the celeb-favourites list,  but I love how Katy Perry rocks this one. Yes, it’s none other than the queen of deisgner and branded bags, the Chanel Jumbo. Her’s is slightly worn (maybe on purpose) to create a rugged, sexy look. The classic Chanel silver chain gives an edge to her otherwise girly beige dress, and the overall rocker meets sweetie look has a rather pleasant effect. Katy Perry, a celebrity singer, is known for her impeccable style sense and her ability to just know what’s going to be the next big trend. There is nothing more delicious than the impact of her jet-black bag on her luscious raven locks. The material? My best guess is that the material she picked was Caviar. Known for its durable leather, this kind of material gives a armor-like protection to the bag, and of course, there is nothing more prominent than the iconic Chanel CC logo stuck in front. Gosh, the bag looks photogenic captured on screen! Hats off to the photographer don’t you think? I’m thinking some fashion-worthy spicy Gucci heels to match this bag…what do you think?

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