Hi Pretties!

Here’s the first article on THE BAG DICTIONARY. The Bag Dictionary covers different bag styles and designs- and even MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION on which type of bag suits YOU. So read on, search for your body type, and check out WHICH BAG SUITS YOU!!


1) THE HOBO- A type of bag which you usually carry over the shoulder. Might have a curved base and a caving-in zip.
SUITABLE FOR- Girls with a squarish/athletic silhouette,broad shoulders and pronounced hips. Works for both tall girls and petite girls. For girls with a squarish chin or cheekbones. (Like the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez)

2) THE TOTE- A large bag usually bigger that the average A4 size. Often flat with a rectangle base.
SUITABLE FOR- Tall Girls with a hourglass figure. Shoulders and hips are parallel, oval or round face. (e.g. The elegant Angelina Jolie)

3) THE CLUTCH- A large and long wallet. Usually 15 inches in length or smaller. No handles. The kind you’d see actresses take to the Oscars and Cannes
SUITABLE FOR- Girls who have a slender figure. Small hips, and slim shoulders. Oval or round face. Fits both petite and tall girls. Add high-heels for hollywood glamour(e.g. Korean girl group stars)

4) THE BUCKET- A big bag. The upper section of the bag is wider than the bottom, indeed the shape of a bucket. Often designed to have a short handle.
SUITABLE FOR- Girls with a bigger cheekbones and a relaxed figure with more flesh. Works beautifully for petite girls.(e.g. Rachel Ray)

5) THE SLINGBAG- A pouch with a long strap slung over the back. Smaller than A4 size. Often flat and rectangle shaped.
SUITABLE FOR- All girls. Yes, slingbags are versatile like that! Most importantly,they’re handy when you have no free hands.

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Love, Mia