Your Questions Answered # Dior

The Dior Fashion House usually makes their bags from the classic and softest lambskin. The buttery feel of the touch and the elegance the material gives is synonymous with the brand’s name, so in this version of Your Questions Answered, we are dedicating it to the customers who shopped at our sale last Sat! :)

How to care for your Lambskin Dior:
1) Search the web for spray cream specially designed for lambskin. There are many types of affordably priced bag-care gadgets designed for amateur designer-bag owners.

2) Store your Dior in a dust bag (When you shop with LovethatBag, you might get either a dustbag from the brand names or the LovethatBag dust bag) This prevents your bag from landing in ‘accidents’ when you are not using it.

3) Stuff your Dior with soft paper stuffing or the LovethatBag Pillow :) You may request a LovethatBag Pillow at the Checkout Counter.

4) The biggest trick- if there are light stains on your handbag, gently rub the stain with your bare finger. Yes, the oil on your skin is enough to moisturize the material and make it disappear.

5) Keep wearing it every day! Enjoy pretties! :)

Ken Douglas