March 2013


Man Bag Monday: Longchamp Boxford Travel Bag

If you attended an American college in the last decade or so, then you’ve probably had a Longchamp bag in your life at some point. Even if you didn’t own one (I never had the urge), you probably knew a slew of girls who swore by theirs as a constant companion during time on campus. Plenty of ladies have graduated their Longchamp nylon totes into utilitarian post-collegiate work-wear as well, but until today, I had no idea that the company also made men’s bags.

I suppose the Longchamp Boxford Travel bag may not technically be a men’s bag; it’s listed as a travel option, after all, and those tend to be unisex. Bloomingdale’s considers it a member of the store’s men’s department, though, so I’m going to go with it. As it turns out, I was simply ignorant of the entire line, which includes leather briefcases and messenger bags as well. The things you learn from the Googles.

Of them all, though, I’m still particularly fond of this carryall. You can clearly see the signature Longchamp styling in it, but it’s been taken in a sturdier, more masculine direction. I could see both men and women using this bag proudly on a weekend adventure, and perhaps if you’re lucky, you’ll have one in your future.

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Louis Vuitton Damier Mosaic Enveloppe East-West

If I had to pick just one bag to lust/admire/adore from the Spring-Summer 2013 Womens Louis Vuitton collection, it would be this, the Louis Vuitton Damier Mosaic Enveloppe East-West, with the double p. Measuring 32 cm across by 15 cm, the bag’s body is composed of woven strips of calfskin that are then stitched down, creating the checked mosaic pattern that’s also its namesake.

Lined with silk on the interior that also comes with an adjustable gusset, it’s Marc Jacobs’ nod to the swinging 60s, especially with the bag being in bright yellow and all. A time when ladies would head out with the smallest of purses, carried next to nothing and danced the night away. Which is pretty much what you’ll be doing if you got this bag as well, an ode to a glorious era that has since gone by.

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