June 2013


Man Bag Tuesday: The Gucci Natural Python Duffel Bag

One of my favorite things about fashion is that it gives people permission to be impractical. Sometimes you need a pair of six-inch heels that you can’t exactly walk in or a dress that fits correctly only when you’re standing up or a maxi skirt so voluminous that it gets caught under the wheels of your desk chair at work. (That last thing? A thing that I own. And wear to work. Often. Because I can.) Fashion lets people indulge the slightly frivolous sides of themselves, and although there aren’t as many opportunities for male frivolity as female, the Gucci Natural Python Duffel Bag is a strong opportunity for dudes to be a little ridiculous.

If you’ve ever had a python handbag before, you know that the material can be a little delicate. Although I trust Gucci to have treated this type of bag to make it reasonably wear-resistent, the fact remains – python just isn’t as hardy as regular cow leather. That’s ok, though, because in fashion, it doesn’t always have to be. Something can be made to be as beautiful as possible, even if it limits the items total functional usage a bit. This bag will still work just fine as a weekender, of course, but you or your dude will just have to take a little bit of extra care because of the snakeskin. For a bag this pretty, I think you can manage. I know I sure could. (Although I’m the girl constantly wheeling over her own maxi skirt, so maybe I’m overconfident in my abilities.) If you think you could treat this Gucci bag with the care it deserves, pick it up for $4,500 via Saks.

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Bottega Veneta Yellow Gold Diamond Knot

What do you get when you combine a functional, beautiful bag with everything that’s precious in the world of high jewellery? You get the Bottega Veneta Yellow Gold Diamond Knot, of course, from Tomas Maier’s upcoming Fall-Winter 2013 Womens Bottega Veneta Womens collection.

A stunningly, opulent clutch that left my jaw open for the duration when it was held in the hands, it’s made up of half a kilo of 18K yellow gold, exquisitely crafted with the same texture and feel you’ll find on a regular intrecciato leather Knot.

And that’s not all. You can’t see it in the image above, but where the clasp (or the knot) ends, the sides are embedded with sparkling, brilliant diamonds, 74 in all, for a total of 0.64 carats that give just the right amount of shine without rendering the owner slightly blind whenever it’s picked up.

A special made-to-order piece that will take between 3 and 6 months to craft, it can be customised with your very own name (or initials) on a metal plaque that will be affixed to the clutch’s interior. Available via special order now at Bottega Veneta boutiques at ION Orchard or Marina Bay Sands, this truly collectible piece will set you back by, wait for it, SGD160,240.

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube

From Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection comes an old bag given a new makeover. Known as the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube (quite a mouthful, I know), the original Deauville was featured in one of Louis Vuitton’s earlier ad campaigns that was modelled by Jennifer Lopez. Today’s Deauville has been slightly reworked; what was originally shaped east-west (horizontal) is now north-south (vertical), taller than it is wide, and the reason for its new name, the Deauville Cube.

And now that we’ve tackled the style of the bag, let’s focus on the treatment of its exterior. Referred to as Monogram Canvas Tuffetage, it refers to the traditional technique of tufting, inspired by carpet makers with the threads stitched on to create that 3D-esque effect you see on the bags.

Available in Red or Caramel, I expect them to be available in Louis Vuitton boutiques very soon. Measuring around 26 cm by 26 cm, it’s expected to retail for around USD2600 with another variation in suede selling for USD2900 or so, and once I know its price in SGD, I’ll do another update.

Interesting shape, fascinating treatment. Question is, do you love it?

Update: 11 June 2013
Thanks to ‘Addict‘, I have an update regarding Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube. Priced at SGD3400, they are also now available in SG. Another variation, in black suede will retail for SGD3800.

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Demi Lovato is Our Latest Givenchy Antigona Lover

Here’s X-Factor judge/pop starlet Demi Lovato, carrying a particularly gorgeous, glossy new Givenchy Antigona Bag at Heathrow Airport. Demi has pretty specific taste in designer bags, as evidenced by “The Many Bags of Demi Lovato.” Even as a Disney-fied tween, she demonstrated a real penchant for Gucci, Prada and Givenchy, and we’re thoroughly unsurprised that she’s added a classic Givenchy bag like this one to her growing collection. You can purchase this supple Italian goat leather bag for $2,405 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Apparently Demi’s time in the UK ended on a bit of a downer after ambulances had to be summoned to an oversold gig at the London Palladium. A few fans were reportedly crushed inside the venue – details are still sketchy, but no one seems to have sustained any critical injuries. Demi’s fans, also known as “Lovatics”, were already pretty hysterical after fans who camped out overnight were rewarded with free tix to the same gig, even though the venue had previously insisted anyone who showed up before 10 am would not receive any.

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Chanel F/W13 Boy WOC & Clutch Pochette

It could be early days yet, but not sharing these upcoming beauties from Chanel would have been a greater crime. From the early F/W13 collection (also known as Pre-Fall 2013) is a Boy Chanel WOC, as well as Boy Chanel Clutch Pochette.

First up, the Boy Chanel WOC, which if I’m not wrong, is also the first time it’s available in velvet, and in stunning Navy Blue, no less. Rounding up the WOC is gorgeous burnished silver hardware on the chain sling and the clasp, which should have many of you hyperventilating with joy. Or ecstatic with glee, whichever you prefer.

Another new shape is the Boy Clutch Pochette, basically a longish east-west beauty in light pink fur and leather. A move in the right direction as far as the shape is concerned, it will be another welcome addition (I can already see ladies ditching their usual clutches for this at their next society fête) for those enamoured with all things Boy.

Tell me, are these love for you as well?

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Update – Chanel Classic Flap Hoops

First off, let me just say if you’re not a fan of the S/S13′s Chanel Classic Flap Hoops (or simply known as the Hoop Bag), close this window or click on something else to read. And if you’re a fan (like me) who hasn’t quite decided if you should commit, read on.

Available in 4 sizes and a multitude of colour combinations, the Classic Flap Hoops will go down as one of the kookiest bags from Chanel yet, rightfully earning its place beside other oddities from Chanel past and present, from cassette tape clutches to the ones that look like Lego bricks. Clearly not for everyone (how one would even explain why their bag is ‘stuck’ between a pair of hula hoops is beyond me), but if you have a sense of humour and want something that’s definitely out of the ordinary, then this is the one for you.

What’s more, when Chanel rolls out an exhibition of unique pieces they’ve created in 10 years’ time, you can be sure that this will be amongst them and you’ll be the one glowing with pride and joy.

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