September 2013


Chanel ‘Diamond’ Flap Bag

A new style from Chanel this season is the Chanel ‘Diamond’ Flap Bag, one of at least 3 styles that come with an oversized logo on the front of the bag that’s actually rather retro since such large logos were pretty common back in the 80s and early 90s. If your Mum has a secret stash of Chanel bags from that era, chances are you’ll find one or two with the same oversized logo ‘encased’ in a quilted diamond that usually came with a long frilly leather tassel.

Thankfully, the new ones don’t come with the aforementioned tassel anymore, and instead is much cleaner as far as the overall aesthetic is concerned. Measuring almost 28 cm across by 19 cm, the quilted lambskin Flap Bag doesn’t have the depth as say the Classic Flap in a similar size, and the leather also feels much softer and less structured.

Lined with even more leather on the inside, you can wear it long or short depending on how you adjust the metal chain that comes with its own leather tab to give you some comfort when it’s sitting on the shoulder.

For something that’s more rounded, you can also check out the Small Camera Case and the Camera Case, the 2 other styles in this line-up that will come in a variety of colours from Black to Burgundy to Tan. Price wise, I don’t have anything in SGD just yet, but just to give you an idea, the bags start from USD2800 for the Small Camera Case.

Update: 11 September 2013
The prices are in and they are as follows. The Small Camera Case, the Camera Case and the Flap Bag will retail for SGD3890, SGD5440 and SGD5480 respectively in Singapore.

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Introducing the Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag

With Louis Vuitton’s renewed interest in high-dollar, logo-wary customers has come a bevy of new products that are set to take the brand in a new, more sophisticated direction for Fall 2013. First came the wide-gusseted W Bag, which had commenter reactions seemingly split right down the middle, and now we have the Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag, which borrows the name and a detail or two from a classic Vuitton bag but expands on them to form something ladylike and luxurious.

We first spotted this bag on the arm of Angelina Jolie a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a perfect pick for her style – neutral, elegant, understated. The bag is an important addition to Vuitton’s lineup, because not only is it all leather (which appeals to Vuitton’s desired clientele and allows the brand to price it prohibitively for aspirational customers), but its minimally branded. The LV that you see above is totally optional, and if the wearer prefers, it can be covered by a flap that’s tucked inside in promotional photos. Instead of the well-known letters, it bears a more subtle star motif that plays a secondary role in the iconic Vuitton monogram print. It’s still LV, but it’s not a literal LV, which is an important distinction for many of the most high-end customers.

The bag comes in two sizes, MM and GM, with a 1.5 inch difference in width between them (14.2 for the MM, 15.7 for the GM) and a price difference of $450 ($5,150 vs. $5,600). That kind of pricing puts the brand firmly in Hermes territory, a comparison that Vuitton is likely hoping to draw with its new leather offerings and their attendant prices. Currently, the GM only comes in two colors (black and red), while the MM comes in a range of six shades, including one that’s strikingly similar to Hermes’ signature orange. The bags’ hardware varies between silver and gold, depending on the leather color. Check out some of our favorite versions below or get more information about both the MM and GM versions via Louis Vuitton.

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Hermès Constance Cartable

Since we were just on the topic of heirloom-worthy bags, here’s another stunning example of what I was just talking about for your consideration this week. From their F/W13 collection comes a reissue of a long forgotten size, the Hermès Constance Cartable, which besides being generally wider and taller than the regular Constance styles, also comes with an intentionally shorter leather strap because it is meant to be carried by hand.

Here’s a bit of trivia about the Constance that I also just found out myself. The bag was named the Constance when it was created in 1969, after the newborn daughter of its designer, Catherine Chaillet. Also, it takes a total of 14 hours to craft a single Constance Cartable which measures 29 cm across; it is made up of at least 50 separate pieces of pre-cut Veau Box calfskin and sewn together by a single artisan.

The single most stunning feature, however, has got to be its iconic H clasp, now made even more beautiful with the inlay of calfskin leather, making it more tactile and comforting to the touch as opposed to gold-tone hardware which can be harsh and cold at times.

Available in a variety of colours, you’ll find the Constance Cartable in Singapore soon and priced at SGD17,500 (USD11,400). Heirloom-worthy? Most definitely.

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