October 2013


10 Reasons We Love Handbags

The day has come! Today is the first annual National Handbag Day, a holiday which we founded this year to celebrate our clearly undying passion for the things that help us schlep around our stuff. We’ve been preparing all week, with everything from a handbag travelogue to a handbag playlist, and now we’re ready to unleash the rest of our holiday glee, including a big giveaway announcement at noon.

First, though, we thought we’d start with something simple. We could probably enumerate zillions of reasons that we love bags, but today, we’ve boiled it down to 10. Let us know your own in the comments, and we hope you’ll check back throughout the day to see what we have in store.

1. Go ahead and get seconds – handbags always fit.
2. You can carry the same bag for weeks at a time and no one thinks you’re gross or unshowered.
3. A good handbag makes whatever clothes you’re wearing an insta-outfit.
4. They’re your safe place – everyone knows never to rifle through a woman’s bag, even a friend.
5. In an emergency situation, a handbag can sometimes be used as a weapon.
6. If you buy from the right brands, handbags hold their value better than anything else in fashion.
7. Handbags allow us to safely transport our smartphones, which we need for playing Candy Crush.
8. Most bags come in a variety of colors and are produced for more than one season. Choices! Options!
9. Your bag, unlike your clothes, won’t be wrinkled and slightly haggard-looking at the end of a long workday.
10. There’s no way around it – carrying a designer bag makes you look like a fancy lady, and we like looking like fancy ladies.

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Article Courtesy of www.purseblog.com


Dior’s Spring 2014 Bags are Wall-to-Wall Exotics

The bags of Dior Spring 2014 seem to have one very clear message: if you have the budget for exotics, Dior would like to talk to you about some handbags. If not, well, most of these bags will also come in regular leathers…but do you have any friends who have the money for crocodile? If so, can you give Dior their contact information? The brand would be much obliged.

To be sure, Dior likely already knows many of those customers well. The brand has always traded well on its rarified French history, and with the nipped waists of the New Look, the brand is even more well-suited to a wasp-waisted socialite look than some of its Parisian compatriots. That look brings around moneyed customers, and even more important, moneyed customers who wish to look moneyed. There’s no polite discretion to the bags in the brand’s spring collection. The python comes almost exclusively in multiple candy colors per bag, and the crocodile, similar ample, is bright and glossy in almost all instances. The shapes are classic Dior, and the bags are beautiful and will likely sell extremely well. A well-developed exotics program is important to attracting the most lucrative high-dollar customers, and Dior’s clearly putting a strong emphasis on making sure it continues to be among the few brands of choice for the world’s very, very elite. These handbags should do the trick.

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Article Courtesy of www.purseblog.com


One of the most beautiful bags I’ve seen from Gucci in a long time has got to be their new F/W13 offering, the Gucci Lady Lock Bamboo, one that was reinterpreted and reintroduced based on archival pieces the Italian luxury house had in its own collection. Shaped like a rubenesque woman with sensual curves, the Lady Lock Bamboo is topped with another icon of Gucci we’ve all come to love, the slightly curved piece of bamboo that’s often used as handles on their bags.

Not to be confused with the Bamboo that’s more rectangular with rounded sides, the Lady Lock Bamboo also sports a hardware clasp that can be locked and has a flap that resembles a lid that has to be lifted in order to access the bag’s contents. On the inside you’ll find two separate compartments that come with a snap button pocket and a zipped pocket respectively, great for those slightly obsessive about organisation.

Available in 2 sizes (Large and Medium), you’ll find the Lady Lock Bamboo now at Gucci boutiques islandwide in a dazzling array of finishes, from polished black leather to exotic lizard and ostrich and yes, even luscious crocodile. And then there are those that come in soft luxurious satin that glimmers ever so slightly when it catches the light.

Prices for this elegant Lady start from SGD2960 for the one in satin and go all the way up to around SGD40,000 or so for the one in croc. In other words, you can spend as little (or as much) as you wish and bring home your very own piece of heritage that is, like I said at the beginning of this post, one of the most beautiful bags I’ve seen in a long time. Gucci, or otherwise.

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