A Closer Look at Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags

Now that the frenzy of New York Fashion Week has been gone for a while, we’ve had an opportunity to look back at the collections we saw and handbags we’ve drooled over, and we’ve found another one that we think you need to see: Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags. The brand’s bags always manage to straddle the divide between affordable and editorial with aplomb, and for fall, it’s taken on everything from faux fur to faux Chinese food takeout boxes. Check out our photos of the collection below.

Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-5 Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-9

Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-10 Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-11

Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-15 Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-15

Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-13 Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-17

Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-14 Kate-Spade-Fall-2014-Handbags-18

Photo Courtesy of www.purseblog.com
Article Courtesy of www.purseblog.com