Chanel F/W13 Boy WOC & Clutch Pochette

It could be early days yet, but not sharing these upcoming beauties from Chanel would have been a greater crime. From the early F/W13 collection (also known as Pre-Fall 2013) is a Boy Chanel WOC, as well as Boy Chanel Clutch Pochette.

First up, the Boy Chanel WOC, which if I’m not wrong, is also the first time it’s available in velvet, and in stunning Navy Blue, no less. Rounding up the WOC is gorgeous burnished silver hardware on the chain sling and the clasp, which should have many of you hyperventilating with joy. Or ecstatic with glee, whichever you prefer.

Another new shape is the Boy Clutch Pochette, basically a longish east-west beauty in light pink fur and leather. A move in the right direction as far as the shape is concerned, it will be another welcome addition (I can already see ladies ditching their usual clutches for this at their next society fête) for those enamoured with all things Boy.

Tell me, are these love for you as well?

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Latest Obsession: Tiny Prada Bags

Miuccia just gets me, man. I should just sign my entire wardrobe budget over to her, between Prada and Miu Miu. I just bought a pair of Prada shoes earlier this week (after initially going shopping to scout out a pair of Miu Mius), and now I’m scheming to making one of these Prada Mini Bags my next big purchase. There’s something about the simple, traditional lines of these bags, miniaturized for more casual carry, that makes me see stars. But in a good way.

I’ve wanted a Prada Saffiano Lux Tote for a long time, but the bag never seemed like it would be the right fit for my lifestyle, mainly because riding public transportation and hoofing it around in NYC, in my mind, requires at least a very generous shoulder strap, if not a crossbody option. Over the past two years, that’s kept me away from buying a lot of bags that I otherwise love, including several Pradas. Now, with these mini versions (which are a big trend for a lot of brands, we’ll have you know), you don’t have to worry about carrying something bulky from the crook of your elbow. This is yet another trend that Celine started, but I’m very happy its spread to lots of other brands.

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube

From Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection comes an old bag given a new makeover. Known as the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube (quite a mouthful, I know), the original Deauville was featured in one of Louis Vuitton’s earlier ad campaigns that was modelled by Jennifer Lopez. Today’s Deauville has been slightly reworked; what was originally shaped east-west (horizontal) is now north-south (vertical), taller than it is wide, and the reason for its new name, the Deauville Cube.

And now that we’ve tackled the style of the bag, let’s focus on the treatment of its exterior. Referred to as Monogram Canvas Tuffetage, it refers to the traditional technique of tufting, inspired by carpet makers with the threads stitched on to create that 3D-esque effect you see on the bags.

Available in Red or Caramel, I expect them to be available in Louis Vuitton boutiques very soon. Measuring around 26 cm by 26 cm, it’s expected to retail for around USD2600 with another variation in suede selling for USD2900 or so, and once I know its price in SGD, I’ll do another update.

Interesting shape, fascinating treatment. Question is, do you love it?

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Louis Vuitton Epi Neverfull

Because I had a hunch that this was going to happen sooner or later, I wasn’t really surprised when this popped into my inbox earlier today. From Louis Vuitton comes the much-anticipated Louis Vuitton Epi Neverfull, the perfect alternative for those looking for something in full leather sans monograms, of course.

Only available in one size (the MM, which measures 32 cm across by almost 29 cm), here are some other facts you should take note of. To make up for the fact that it only comes in 1 size, it comes in 7 different colours, which is pretty much all the new hues in the Epi universe, including Citron that’s shown above.

Each Epi Neverfull comes with matching microfibre lining, and as an added bonus, you’ll also find an Epi leather pouch inside each tote, which can be used with or taken out and used on its own as a small clutch. When will it be out in Singapore and how much, you ask? Now actually, and it’s priced at SGD2580 a piece.

So, who’s getting one?

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Chanel Debuts New Site, New Bags For Pre-Collection Fall 2013

I feel as though I say this all the time, but it’s really impressive how many distinct handbags Chanel manages to turn out in a year. The brand does collections, pre-collections, cruise, Metiers d’Art – every time you look up, there’s a new Chanel collection coming. Before we get to full-blown fall (and to tide you over after Metiers d’Art 2013), we present Chanel Pre-Collection Fall 2013, which popped up online late last week, along with a new look for the Chanel website.

Because Chanel doesn’t currently offer e-commerce, its website has lagged behind other brands’ online offerings a bit – why offer that kind of immersive product experience if you’re not interested in sales? Now it seems as though Chanel has taken a small step in that direction, creating a handbag browsing area that divides each collection into sections, provides cursory naming details and allows the user to zoom in to see the details in stark relief. With that, the brand has provided better, clearer images of its new bags than ever before, which we’ve included for your viewing pleasure below. These bags are in stores now!

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Dior Diorissimo In Black Tweed And Black Mink

One way of upping the ante when it comes to making your bags even more luxurious is to play the fabrication game, using exotic skins in place of leather, for example. Or instead of fabric, maybe heavyset suede. And in the case of the new large Dior Diorissimo, you go all the way with thick woven tweed that’s topped off with a mink fur collar, giving off an almost-Russian vibe to it all.

Measuring 38 cm by 27 cm, the size is just perfect for work, though I would think most of you would prefer a pared-down version just for that purpose. For any other occasion, it’s almost perfect.

And speaking of Dior’s expertise when it comes to giving their bags that extra little something-something, here’s a pair of beautiful victoryag.org Lady Dior bags for your viewing pleasure. On the left, the tiny micro Lady Dior that’s covered in pearls that are embroidered to the body, and on the right, a Lady Dior in Blue Roi in houndstooth that’s embroidered with sequins and finished out with a handle that’s covered in exotic skin.

Luxe, without going overboard. Now that’s the true beauty of Dior.

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Article Courtesy of www.bagaholicboy.com